Our Story

I have always been fascinated with baking and creating delectable treats to please the mood and satisfy the palate.  Growing up baking with the likes of Mary Berry and Delia, the interest soon became a hobby.

My sister and I often concocted with different flavours and colours to create that extra special something.  One of my funniest moments in the kitchen was when my sister and I decided to christen the digital microwave my mum bought (quite a rave in the early 80s).  Of course, being a child with vivid imagination, we thought bright green and pink cake would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  After scrupulously following the instructions of the cake batter, we heated up the ‘cake’ with great excitement.  Impatiently waiting with anticipation as we glared at the door of the microwave…not caring for a second the affect it would have on our tender eyes, we hypnotically watched the bowl go round and round.  As our eagerness amplified, all of a sudden, hit with a shock to the system, SPLAT!!!, went our cake all over the microwave!

The cake we so lovingly made was a rock brick that resembled a holy sponge in a weird bright green and shocking pink.  As you do, we tasted the cake, or at least we tried to taste what was probably the first ‘cake jaw breaker’ created.  Overcome with the disappointment of failure, we were soon faced with fear of trepidation of what our parents would say when they witnessed the catastrophic disorder that filled the kitchen…not to mention the brand new microwave!  There was only one escape, the one we knew best….get rid of the evidence!  Bundling the contents of the ‘colourful rock cake’ in a meat bag, we threw the mess over the next door neighbours garden…along with all the other failed attempts for Toby the dog to devour!

Thankfully, those days are of the distant past!  I continued to bake but my interest with baking cakes that resembled works or art was not only a challenge but a curiosity of how these were created. It was only many years later after having children that I decided to embark on an evening Basic Cake Decorating Course, recommended by my husband.  I was enlightened and exhilarated that I finally learnt how these amazing cakes could be created.  I was hooked and after a couple more courses, learning how to create sugar flowers, I was pushing my imagination to the next level.  I soon became the family baker, making cakes for every occasion and it was my family that pushed me to set up a business.

I wanted to set myself apart by creating delectable treats but also create works of art.  That was a challenge, as I had tasted many cakes that either looked amazing but tasted poorly or looked poor but tasted great.  I set the balance.

Using only the finest ingredients and perfecting a fool-proof recipe, I let my imagination run wild.  Creating bespoke unique designs that denote both quality and luxury, Slice of Couture was born.